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Attend teachings on the Lam Rim, the graduated path to enlightenment. Buddha House offers authentic Dharma teachings in the Mahayana Tibetan tradition for all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Introduction to Buddhism

LEVEL Beginner
 TBC; contact the centre
DURATION 4 sessions
Saturday mornings, 10am – 12pm

This beginner’s course assumes little or no knowledge about Buddhism. It presents basic Buddhist philosophy and principles within the Tibetan Mahayana context. The course is presented in four sessions and is led by senior student Denny Moffat.

Commencing with a brief history of the Buddha’s life, the course will cover the Four Noble Truths, Impermanence, how to free yourself from the delusions that cause suffering, karma, rebirth, refuge, bodhicitta, daily practice, purification and more.

Attendance in-person only. Registration essential.
Facility fee: $80 (Member/Concession: $60)

Discovering Buddhism: Mind and its Potential

with Venerable Thubten Dondrub

LEVEL Beginner/Intermediate
START DATE Tuesday, 9 April 2024
TIME Tuesday evenings, 7:00 – 9:00pm
DURATION 6 sessions
RETREAT DAY Sunday, 19 May 2024

In this module we will explore the difference between mind and brain, mind as the creator of our experiences, and the implications of possessing a mind that has no beginning and no end.

Discover the great potential of our mind and how it determines our experience of happiness and suffering thereby helping us to develop a more positive and joyous mind.

The Buddhist concept of mind is the key to understanding all the Buddha’s teachings.

Facility fee, full course: $150 (Member/Concession: $120)
Hard copy of course book: $25
Come and try the first session: $25 (Member/Concession: $20)
Retreat Day: $30 (Member/Concession: $25). Please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share.

Like to know more about the Discovering Buddhism series? Check out our introductory video, recorded by resident teacher Venerable Thubten Dondrub.

Wheel of Sharp Weapons

with Venerable Thubten Dondrub

LEVEL Intermediate/Advanced
START DATE Thursday, 11 April 2024
TIME Thursday nights, 7:00 – 9:00pm
DURATION 10 sessions (there are some weeks with no session – please check the calendar.)

The Wheel of Sharp Weapons is a text from the mind training tradition emphasising that bodhicitta is the heart of our practice, and the core of bodhicitta training is overcoming the self-cherishing thought and cherishing others.

This particular text emphasises all the harm that comes from self-cherishing by illustrating the many negative actions we create because of it and all its suffering consequences.

The text goes on to show how the law of cause and effect and self-cherishing are inextricably related to our self-grasping ignorance, and how we can overcome it.

Facility Fee: Waged $180 / Members & Concession $135

Includes link to live streaming and access to YouTube recordings of the entire series.

Drop-in sessions welcome: Waged $20 / Members & Concession $15 per night.

Buddha House acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands upon which we work and live. We pay our respects to elders, past, present and future, as well as all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – their country, culture, and community.


May everyone who sees, hears, or thinks (even in frustration) of this web site be freed in that very second from all their sufferings, diseases, spirit harms, negative karmas and obscurations, and abide in the peerless happiness of full enlightenment forever.

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