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Experienced teachers and guest speakers present relevant, practical and accessible advice to help us in our everyday lives. No prior knowledge of the Dharma is required.

Discussion Group: "Tools for Happiness"

Based on the 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life

LEVEL Beginner/Intermediate
START DATE Saturday, 28th May
END DATE Saturday, 10th September
TIME Saturday mornings, 10:30am

Over 16 weeks, join a discussion group exploring mental tools you can use in everyday life for wellbeing and satisfaction.

Attend all sessions, or drop in when you can.

By donation: $5.

The 16 Guidelines:

01. HUMILITY to be willing and able to learn from others

02. PATIENCE to cultivate a calm and spacious mind

03. CONTENTMENT to enjoy who we are and what we have

04. DELIGHT to rejoice in the good fortune of others

05. KINDNESS to be friendly, caring, and considerate

06. HONESTY to act with transparency and fairness

07. GENEROSITY to give without expecting anything in return

08. RIGHT SPEECH to speak with insight and sensitivity

09. RESPECT to honour people with a deeper understanding and experience of life

10. FORGIVENESS to let go of resentment and anger towards ourselves and others

11. GRATITUDE to acknowledge and repay the kindness of others

12. LOYALTY to be good-hearted and dependable in all our relationships

13. ASPIRATION to seek a fulfilling way of life that avoids causing harm

14. PRINCIPLES to develop sincere and stable inner values, and avoid harmful influences

15. SERVICE to help and benefit others in whatever way we can

16. COURAGE to accept responsibilities and challenges with calm determination and equanimity

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