Gyalwa Ensapa Broome

At the suggestion of our members and also Venerable Thubten Dondrub, Broome Buddhists has decided to formalize current practices and become an FPMT Study Group.

It is with much gratitude that we have the support and generosity of Buddha House as the guiding centre. This consolidates the close relationship the group has had over many years.

The group began at the suggestion of Venerable Robina Courtin after a visit to the north Western Australian Kimberley communities of Derby in 2005 and Broome the following year in 2006.

Since this time, under the care of Lesley Baxter, the group has continuously facilitated the presentation of the Discovering Buddhism at Home modules, guided by the FPMT teachings. At the completion of each module delivery, Broome retreats and public talks have been led by the Venerable Robina Courtin and the Venerable Thubten Dondrub.

The name Gyalwa Ensapa was kindly endowed upon the group in March 2016 by Lama Zopa Rinpoche honouring the 16th century Gyalwa Ensapa.

Gyalwa Ensapa gave this teaching:

“When hearing, pondering and practising the Dharma one’s aim should be first of all to subdue one’s own mind. Then one should carefully investigate the path using stainless reasoning as an antidote to the defiling emotions.

“Moreover, anyone who claims to study the Dharma without thoroughly investigating all of the traditions of the Mahayana and who likes to bicker over the slightest points of language saying, ‘You say this, but I say that’ completely misses the point.”

Who was Gyalwa Ensapa?

Known under many names, (Lossan Dondrub, Ensapa Lobsang Döndrup ), Gyalwa Ensapa (1505 – 1566) was a great Kadampa master born in Ensa, at Hlaku near the Tsang River in Tibet. He achieved enlightenment in one brief lifetime like the famous yogi Milarepa. Unlike Milarepa, Gyalwa Ensapa achieved enlightenment without having to endure such hardship.

At a very young age Gyalwa Ensapa had a vision of the whole of samsara being a limitless fire blazing without end. From that time he developed the wish to become ordained. He took vows when he was 11 years old with Abbot Drakpa Dondrub of Chokor Uding Monastery. He felt nothing but revulsion towards every situation he saw in the world, while also feeling overwhelming compassion for every being. He met each one with the thought, “How can I rescue this poor being from the prison of uncontrolled rebirth in cyclic existence?”

Gyalwa Ensapa went to Pema Chan to practise samadhi (concentration). He practised in deserted foothills and isolated ravines and did not think about how long it would take nor about the tremendous effort that would be required. Before he was 21 years old he achieved the ability to remain in samadhi day and night. As a result, whenever he did any activity he experienced bliss.

Gyalwa Ensapa was the 3rd Panchen Lama.

The Gyalwa Ensapa Broome Buddhist Study Group meets each Wednesday evening from 5:30 – 7:30pm at the Broome Buddha Sanctuary, generously made available by the Cable Beach Club.

The group looks forward to a collaborative future with Buddha House.