Introductory Level

Introductory Level
Introduction to Buddhism

Introduction to Buddhist thought and practice. This introductory course is for complete beginners and assume those who join know little or nothing about Buddhism. It presents basic Buddhist philosophy and principles within the Tibetan Mahayana context.
This course is offered periodically throughout the year. Course dates are published in the calendar and in the weekly eNews.

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The course is presented in four sessions and covers these basic principles of Buddhism:
Life of Shakyamuni Buddha — the similarities of Shakyamuni Buddha’s life to ours and how the Buddha answered the big “meaning of life” questions that we all have.
The Four Noble Truths:
       The truth of suffering — the diagnosis of our existential situation
       The truth of the cause of suffering — craving, hatred, ignorance
       The truth of the cessation of suffering — nirvana
       The truth of the path to the cessation of suffering — practices of the wisdom
          and methods taught by the Buddha – Noble Eight-fold Path.
The Buddha’s teachings set out in a gradual way to support the practice of an individual — where to start, what next, etc.
What it means to be a Buddhist.
A Brief History of Buddhism.

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