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Events for 2 June 2023

All Day

Saka Dawa

Saka Dawa is the most important Tibetan Buddhist festival day, celebrating Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinirvana. Buddha House has a full program of events to make the most of this special day, and students are encouraged to attend as many as they can. Click here to see the programme.  

Precepts and Practices

Morning Motivation and blessing the speech Taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts for 24 hours Prostrations to 35 Buddhas  


Lam Rim Meditation

Come into the Gompa or join in through the Buddha House Facebook Page. Each week a different topic from the "Graduated Path to Enlightenment" (Lam Rim) is explored. Some understanding of Mahayana Buddhism would be helpful but it's not essential. Recommended Donation $5

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