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At Buddha House we perform various ceremonies, such as the Medicine Buddha Puja, on a regular basis. We dedicate the merit of these virtuous practices for the benefit of all sentient beings, and especially to the people on our prayer list. You can use the form below to add names to our prayer list.

Our “Request A Prayer” section is for everyone who seeks spiritual assistance to help overcome life’s daily challenges.

Make someone’s life better by including them in your daily prayer or request prayers for someone in need.


Mala Bracelet

Names remain on the prayer list:

  • For 49 days for the deceased, and
  • For one month for others.

In order to make the puja more effective for the person, it is useful for a karmic connection to be made. This can be done:

  • By the person or a representative attending the Puja, or
  • By making an offering toward the Puja.Offerings may be in the form of flowers or lights (candles) which you can bring to the centre, or you may prefer to make a financial donation using the “Donate” button below.

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